Hair Extensions
Orange County California

Nikki has over 13 years of experience with hair extensions of all kinds and she is constantly learning new techniques and methods to better serve her Orange County clients.

Hand-tied wefts are attached to the head starting with a corn-row braid from ear to ear.  Then with unbreakable extension thread, the weft or wefts are sewn on to the corn-row braid in an upholstery type stitch.  You can have from one weft to five in one head depending on the length and volume desired.  The wefts usually need to be re-tightened every 6 weeks.

Micro-beaded wefts are attached with silicone lined micro-beads to keep the natural hair from being damaged.  The natural hair is wrapped around the extension weft and anchored with the micro-bead, then crimped down to keep it in place.  These wefts usually need to be re-tightened every 5 weeks.

Nikki offers Orange County clients the opportunity to purchase custom wefts.  These wefts are the highest quality hair available in Orange County.  To compliment your natural hair type, custom wefts are made from European hair, Italian hair, Italian curly hair and more.   The custom weft is also colored to match your color exactly.  Measurements are taken of your head so the weft can be positioned perfectly every time.

Nikki also welcomes clients to bring in their own extension hair that they have purchased on their own.  She is more than happy to re-tighten them for you.

If your hair extensions lackluster and manageability, she also offers keratin treatments on all human hair extensions to bring them back to life.